The goal of Master in AI to help those self-learnt AI by

  • Providing them job opportunity
  • Giving them certificates that would be recognised by various employers

How does it work?

We would have subject-wise courses containing tests, assignments and projects. We would have enough subjects to create a syllabus equivalent to master program.

Those who self-learnt these subjects could take our tests, finish our assignment or/and submit a project (depending on course requirement). If they recieve passing grade for a subject, they would recieve the certificate for it. If they pass all the required subjects equivalent to a masters program, they would recieve a certificate saying You have finished curriculum equivalent to a Master's Program.

Why would I want to do you unaccredited Masters Program compared to a accredited one?

  • You don’t want to spend $40000 a year
  • Based on your profile no one will admit you into a traditional Master’s Programs
  • You understand better when learning on your own by the best material available on the internet compared to sitting in an hour long lecture given by an lecturer who may or may not be very good teacher
  • You can’t afford to not earn for two years
  • Online Masters Programs are still expensive and you still have to go through not so good study material when you enroll through them
  • There could be many other reasons. We could write a book about it. Send your reason at and we will.

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